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The philosophy of the School of Nursing at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL) believes that nursing is a discipline responsible for knowledge generation and application of knowledge in other fields relevant to health promotion. The goal of the school is to promote, encourage and optimize the potential of graduates to raise health and wellbeing among populations they serve students and alumni to become members of bar associations and monitor education and professional practice .

With this goal in mind, in 1999, the School of Nursing began the process of establishing an Honor Society in order to promote and improve professional practice, education and nursing research. The Honor Society was developed under the philosophy of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), and was formed by a group of experts and leaders in nursing dedicated to the purposes mentioned above, with the basic goal of contributing to health of all Mexicans. The Honor Society was organizing a future precedent chapter of STTI in the UANL.

Establishing an Honor Society

In February 2000, students and nurses were selected ideal leaders of the Faculty of Nursing at th
eUANL to form the Steering Committee responsible for the creation of a League of Honor. This steering committee responsible for the creation of an Honor Society, was understood by Esther C. Gallegos, PhD. (Secretary Doctoral programs); Sofia Guadalupe Medina, MSN (Master of Nursing); Oralia Trejo (graduate student); Assenet Gomez (undergraduate intern), Maria de Jesus Nava (MoH) and Alberto Sánchez (Mexican Institute Insurance social). Each member of this committee met the requirements established by the STTI candidacy.

The first formal meeting of the Honor Society was held on February 23, 2000. Among other activities, we have secured the support of the administration of the UANL, established statutes governing Honor Society, valued membership applications and recommending new members. Through the establishment of our Local Honor Society, had in mind the goal of establishing a Chapter of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing in our Faculty. Hence, during the first year of our work was guided by the proposed plan for the period 2000-2001.


Our Honor Society was officially established at a conference in the UANL on October 23, 2000 as part of LXXXV anniversary of the Faculty of Nursing at the UANL. The director of the School of Nursing, Maria Guadalupe Martinez, MSN, led the opening ceremony and welcomed students and guests of honor.

After the formal establishment of the Honor Society, proposed a voting mechanism to choose the first Board of Directors which was subsequently approved by a majority of members. The Board of Directors was established as follows:

Esther C. Gallegos, Ph.D.

Vice President:
Maria Luisa Gutierrez, BSN

Alberto Sanchez, BSN

Sofia Guadalupe Medina, MSN

Maria de Jesus Nava, MSN
Assenet Gomez, BSN student

Maria Teresa Salas, BSN