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STTI has the resources and knowledge to help expand your career through online and in-person career advising, mentoring, and coaching.

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Career Advising

Career advisors are available to help with one-time questions and requests.

Join the Career Advice Forum on The Circle to ask questions and get responses from nurses from around the world! In addition, as a career advisor, you can earn volunteer points and give back to your community one question at a time.

Several STTI events offer a Career Center to provide an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a career advisor:

  • Biennial Convention
  • International Nursing Research Congress
  • Leadership Connection
  • Creating Healthy Work Environments
You must be registered to attend the event to participate in the Career Center.

Career mentoring develops you not only in your current position, but also for the future. Mentoring relationship require a focus area for the relationship, to guide the relationship and mentoring process. Career mentoring relationships are longer-term relationships, typically six months with the option to continually renew.

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Career coaching focuses on a specific project or concrete issue, such as enhancing a skill or acquiring new skills. Coaching relationships are shorter-term relationships, typically three months or less.

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