Greetings from Delta Lambda!

The annual April Showers event took place on April 3, 2017, at Saint Louis University School of Nursing. This year we supported Caroline Ministry. Denise Carter, Director of Early Childhood Education and Development represented the organization, which is part of Neighborhood Houses. She told us about the many wonderful things they are doing for parents and children in the community. We were able to support them with donations of childcare and first-aid items. We also learned about "Girls Night Out", a support group for pregnant and parenting teens; early childhood and school age services; and Magnificent Creations, which is a new program that provides workforce, career and youth development opportunities for teen boys. About 30 members were in attendance.

Global Awareness Day

On October 10th, 2016, Saint Louis University nursing students, faculty, and Delta Lamba chapter members attended a Global Awareness Presentation about global pediatric malnutrition. Global malnutrition is a chronic issue that affects millions of children's' lives every year. This is an important topic that modern medical and nursing education does not stress heavily because practitioners rarely encounter severe malnutrition in the first-world setting. Dr. Indi Trehan, a renowned Washington University pediatrician, professor, a researcher was invited to the stage to speak with students and faculty about the importance malnutrition plays in third-world mortality rates, recovery, and physical and cognitive health. He also introduced the importance of RUTF, ready to use Therapeutic Food. RUTF is an inexpensive energy dense, high-quality food that can is used an advance treatment for severe malnutrition. Dr. Trehan stressed the amazing changes RUTF has made in the global treatment of malnutrition, which has shown better treatment rates than traditional hospitalization for malnourished children. Students and faculty also heard from an inspiring new nurse Julie Kennedy, RN who worked with global malnutrition research and lived in Malawi for a year. After working with the families and health care workers in Malawi, she was able to expand her nursing practice by learning the importance of health education and the significance of always staying humble. In conclusion to the presentation, Delta Lamba chapter members were able to increase their nursing education by learning the about the significance global malnutrition has in healthcare and the newest treatment options.

If you would like to view the presentation click on the video below.

Welcome Back Fall 2016

Delta Lambda officers and the School of Nursing Pastoral Care welcomed SLU nursing students back to classes on the first day of Fall 2016. A variety of snacks and morning beverages were available.



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